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God? Or is it Universal Energy?

Last Thursday’s impromptu Meditation was amazing on so many levels. The energy that we created together as a group was powerful. If you were there with us, I do hope that you were able to sit in the power and felt the abundance of healing energy that was sent your way.

If you had difficulty sitting in meditation, I offer you this advice…. Keep sitting! It will get easier and easier as you train your body and your mind to let go and allow yourself the space and time to be alone with yourself and the universal energy.

On that note, I was thinking this morning of how I use the word Universal energy and God interchangeably. I pondered… how did I get to this place of seeing God as energy and not a man in the sky? I can tell you this, sometimes I do ‘see’ God as a man in the sky. Why, you may ask…

1. I was raised Catholic and it’s what I was taught as a child.

2. Our subconscious tends to revert back to our childhood when we are reaching for safety and security.

3. Maybe because it oftentimes ‘feels good’ to have a ‘parent’ looking out for me, who I know and feel is EVER loving.

Whatever you call this amazing naturally occuring energy that makes you feel loved, it doesn’t matter. Just call upon it.

Maybe right now you are saying, “You know what Nicole, I don’t feel it!” I get it! I do! But is it that you’re not feeling IT or are you not feeling YOU?

Ahhh… those darn deep questions again!

Whatever you are feeling, know this, I feel ya!

And on that note, ALWAYS, FEEL FREE to drop me a note and share your thoughts with me. I would love to hear them.

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