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One of the most thought provoking questions that I am asked on the regular is my thoughts on death and dying. While I am certainly no expert, I have witnessed my fair share of the dying process and death while hospice nursing and almost always relive the dying process while connecting in with spirit during sittings with clients.

I do believe that we all have a prearranged time of death. While some have experienced Near Death Experiences (NDE’s) I do feel that these experiences were for a purpose, an enlightening so to speak with that person’s soul. Suicide, accidents, heart attacks, miscarriages, they are all one in the same. They are all preceded by death of a different name.

I also strongly believe that for some, there is an inner knowingness that comes when death is near. I have heard countless stories of premonitions, letters written by perfectly healthy individuals, words said, all just prior to death.

I have been told by spirit that death is similar to falling into the deepest sleep. There’s a sense of a headrush, like when you take too many deep breaths in rapid succession, and then you are transported to another realm where, as cliche’ as it sounds, it IS truly magical. I have also been shown that when we transition all of our loved ones who are already on the other side, are there looking down upon us as we open our eyes, they even call out to us to let us know that all is well. How beautiful is that?

I was recently asked if I felt that my perception of the afterlife has been jaded by my religious beliefs. I sat on that for a minute and an astounding yes! entered into my mind so forcefully that it surprised me. My belief system has most definitely been jaded because I had no belief system. I lost it. I had been struggling with my feelings of perceived rejection from the Catholic community that I lived in. I was searching for answers on my own and getting caught up in all of the books that I read and everyone’s different perspectives on death and dying and it was quite overwhelming.

I was in a similar situation as many of you have been in when your loved one has transitioned and you are seeking any information that you can find to know, “what happens now?” Fortunately for me I had quite a few souls on the other side who took it upon themselves to teach me lessons about the afterlife. Many of you reading this have are my clients and it is your loved ones who have been my greatest teachers.

As many of you know my father recently transitioned. I had the opportunity to care for him personally the last week of his life. I set timers every three hours around the clock to see to his personal needs. I wanted his last days to be the days of his only child caring for him like he was her everything, because he was.

During this time I reflected on how many patients I had witnessed transitioning but never had I seen this through the eyes of a practicing Medium. The dying process had changed for me. I was finding myself talking to my dad telepathically. Asking him questions and receiving answers about his comfort level, asking if he was in pain, etc. because he was no longer able to use his words.

There was a moment in time when I decided to pour out my heart to my dad. I whispered a litany of thoughts, feelings, emotions, forgiveness, hopes for the future and asking him to please come back to me in my thoughts and while my dad showed no emotion during the last few days, the corners of his always closed, as I looked upon him his eyes were filled with a pool of tears which then began to roll down his face. My dad had shown no emotion for the last day so I thought for sure that they were mine and when I realized that they were of his own making, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that my dad was ready for this transition. His life was complete, there were not regrets and he was ready for the other side.

As I write to you I can also say that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that his parents, friends and his nephew who was like his son, were all there in that room that day, ready to take him with them when my dad just but said the word. I do not tell you this and say that it’s because I am a Medium that I felt this. I felt this because I believe in the afterlife with all of my being and that is why they made their presence known to me. Begin a part of my father’s transition has been one of life’s most greatest gifts to me.

In writing these words to you, I ask you to contemplate your belief system of the afterlife. If you wish to find more answers, please do not go and read every book that you find on the subject and don’t simply take my word for it. Find someone whom you resonate with and seek their thoughts. But most importantly, how do you feel about the afterlife? How do you perceive the afterlife to be? There’s an inner knowingness that we all have. We are all going to transition at some point in this lifetime, it’s inevitable. Ponder this. Feel into it.

If this story is any consolation for your loss, please accept it as a story of hope, for without a shadow of a doubt, rest assured, you will see your loved one again and be able to share in the wonders of your life together while here. Also expect them to tell you stories of the life that you lived since there passing. They see you in this lifetime. They see your joy and they see your struggles. They want the best for you. Life your life to the fullest.

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