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There are several thorns that live inside of us, just beneath the skin, coming to the surface.

When we feel threatened, insecure, destabilized, those thorns are brushed over and touched as they often fester as the pain sets in.

This is a metaphor for the feelings and emotions that we keep locked inside and when someone dares to cross that imaginary line, those thorns (that oftentimes we have become so used to) come to the surface and the ugliness comes out from within.

Lashing out, accusing others who may have done the smallest thing to offend us, when in reality, it’s not the small stuff that’s surfaced, it’s the hurt that we have held onto for so long, it’s become a part of us. The thorn that has never left our side.

When you experience these moments, consider thinking of these words and step back. Literally. Step back from the retort ready to come to the surface and you will ultimately see that these thorns inside are there for you to look at what’s really inside. If you do this enough times, your seat of awareness will take over and support you, strengthen you and remove these thorns that are hurting you… and hurting others.

You can do this!

You have my support and the support of the Universe on your side.

We’ve got your back.
Xo Nicole

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