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November 1st – Let us, on this day, remember our Ancestors and Loved Ones in Spirit, not to mourn them, but rather to embrace their spirit and allow their wisdom to guide us while we are here on Earth.

It is believed that on Samhain the division of our worlds are just thin shadows.

The marking of the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next.

In Celtic tradition today, November 1st, is the beginning of a new year.

Personally, this has always rang true as I mark a new year with my birth day (10/25).

I ask you to consider doing the same, as the energy is magical when we allow ourselves to return to tradition or create a new one.

Here is a blessing that I wrote for you on this day:

“May the turning of the dark half of the year bring you abundance, gratitude and dark days meant for contemplation and renewal… and may the memories of what has been keep you strong, for what is to be, as the cycles of life remain unbroken.”

Blessings to you on this day and in this new year.

Nicole XO

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