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I didn’t set New Year Resolutions!

Everyday is a new day resolution. Attempting to live consciously has a way of making new year resolutions seems sort of immature.

You do know that the Universe really is on your side, right?

If you are still feeling the high of the new year, good for you, continue to allow your consciousness to be fluid and alive with wonder and new experiences.

If you are in a space of just not feeling it, that’s totally ok! Practice adjusting your thoughts. Consciously adjust them.

We have the power to adjust our thoughts every moment of every day. Remember, your mind not your soul, is where your thoughts, fears, hurt emotions and ego live. So, how should you adjust your thoughts, you may ask?

Here’s 3 simple questions to ask yourself when struggling with your thoughts:

Is this thought true?
Is this thought helpful?
Is this thought important?

Write these questions down on and index card and place them around your environment. You will be amazed at how quickly your thoughts begin to change.

And you know what happens when we change our thoughts…..

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”
– Norman Vincent Peale, the minister and author of The Power of Positive Thinking.

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