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New challenges are up ahead as the “celebratory season” is among us.

This isn’t a forecast, it’s a reality.

“The Season” can be a dark reminder of what has been lost, never to be found again.
This time of year can consume us with the feeling of loss like no other. Loneliness pulls us inward, readying us for a battle ahead, which is in fact no battle at all to others who aren’t in this space.

This battle reveals itself as laughter, joy, happiness. Is that so horrible? It is when everyone around you is heart-filled yet this blood pumping organ that carries the weight of your loss, feels numb as it’s hidden deep within, seeking comfort where it can find it.

Your heart may not be shining forth like a bright beacon, yet… it is begging for someone to acknowledge that there’s someone missing at this table… and that someone belonged to you.

A wounded heart, many say, takes time to heal… but that isn’t the truth. Wounded hearts don’t heal, the pain just lessens over time… sometimes.

As you venture forth I implore you to find courage, real courage.

To do this I ask for your heart to remain honest and true.

Open up to someone that you trust, let them know how you are deep down, truly feeling.

Be honest. Be straightforward. Speak from the heart.

If you speak of your loved one that you are missing, others will feel comfort in speaking of them as well.

Utilize the wisdom that you have acquired, the belief that you now have, that love never dies, to cope with this supreme moment in your life.

Imagine, bringing forward a sense of peace when you enter into a space of overwhelm, calling to mind… what you think.. you become.

You will never regain what you have lost and the memories and feelings that go along with that loss… BUT you can choose to live in the moment, bringing their presence ever closer to you as you encounter this celebratory season that is among us.

Know always that there’s a tribe of others who share your belief in the afterlife, that love never dies. It is with those that you will feel safety and security. If you have not found that tribe… seek them out. There are more suffering souls out there that need you, as much as you need them.

Feeling thankful that I have each of you in my life.

Much Love,

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