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TKE.. The Kobe Effect = To feel a loss so deep for someone that didn’t even know you existed.

Our home has been suffering from TKE, The Kobe Effect (sorry, I made that up) since the news broke of basketball great Kobe Bryant’s death last Sunday.

Getting any glimpse that we can into what happened that fateful day, how LeBron James had just broken his record the night before, how his daughters and wife have got to be feeling in this time of tragedy, losing both a husband/father, child/sister, what really happened on that chopper… we spoke about it.. in detail… as we stayed glued to ESPN.

We are a basketball centered family. We truly love the game. Kobe has been an icon in our family, especially for our daughter Elise who plays collegiate basketball.

We spoke about the impact he made on and off the court…

and on and on…

Finally we agreed… enough is enough!

My husband and girls are so empathetic… we were/are all grieving in our own way… for someone that we didn’t even know!

Basketball put Kobe Bryant on the map. His death made him an inspirational legend.

We all, at least I do, want to be Kobe.

Kobe on the court, making things happen, putting dreams into action, working hard, playing hard and when missing the mark, working harder… why? Simply because we have an astounding belief in ourselves and our natural abilities.

When Kobe retired, I wanted to be him too… living life on his terms, volunteering his time, inspiring others to push harder, leading, inspiring young souls to believe in themselves while using the game of basketball, his zone of genius, as their avenue and their voice.

Now that Kobe’s transitioned… I want to be Kobe in death.

Kobe has reminded me why my daughter chose the sport of basketball as her career. It takes inner determination, along with ability and strong work ethic to be whomever you want to be in life.

This “game” teaches teamwork to make the dreamwork, it teaches that you must have mental fortitude and can only rely on yourself to be the best you can be. Basketball is not a selfish sport, it’s a selfLESS sport. One awful person on your team has got to make you stronger, not weaker. Taking the last shot at the buzzer beater for a win, has got to be the most glorious feeling… yet missing has got to be the most devastating… but isn’t that how life is.

We win some and we lose some.

We are born, then we die.

AND that’s life.

Which makes the space in-between…

The outward expression of ourselves, the reason for which we LIVE!

I didn’t know Kobe, but I’ve seen his outward expression and because of this, I WANT TO LIVE.

If the death of someone that I didn’t know can impact my little life in the great scheme of things…

Then what I know for sure is that energy speaks louder than words could ever speak… that our personal energetic impact is larger than we’ve ever believed and that the bubble that we think we have built around ourselves is penetrable.

It’s give and take…

So… watch your words, speak your love, inspire and accept others… Live the space in-between to the fullest while inspiring others to be the best that they can be, simply through your actions. That’s my goal in life..



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