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Every day I speak to Parents, Spouses, Daughter’s, Son’s, Friend’s who are bereaved at the loss of the person that they love.

I experienced this first hand this Monday with the transition of my own Dad. I have to say that I have never in my life been touched with such grief.

As the days have moved on, I continued with my Mediumship practice and welcomed the comfort of my work as this work does my heart good.

My first reading was with a woman who’s husband transitioned. I felt the “feeling” for the first time in my life of utter and complete loss.  I related to all of my clients this week with that feeling. I know that it is now a feeling that I will feel often and quiet honestly I rejoice in it.

Why? Because while it may come across as a feeling of grief for many, for me it has quickly become a feeling of utter and complete unconditional love for another human being who is no longer here on Earth.

My dad has already begun to show me the signs that he is “still right here”. I had  just purchased thank you notes to send out to friends and family who have supported me during this time.  The drawing on the note card is a cardinal sitting on a chartreuse (my dad’s favorite color) branch.

I was walking on property that we are purchasing to build a new home.  I was very much in my head at the moment thinking of my dad and that he wouldn’t see this house come to fruition.

I began to hear a bird singing loudly next to me and of course, lo and behold, there’s a cardinal singing right in my ear on a branch so close that I could actually touch the cardinal if I raised my hand… I did not in the least believe that I was getting a sign from my dad.

I voiced aloud stubborn as I am, “Dad, if this is you, I need another sign!”  I waited, nothing, just a Golden Finch that was perched on a branch on the opposite side of me that began to sing (um, hello!).

I didn’t pay any attention to it. I soon began to walk away. The birds did not move, they just kept up the chorus of song. I continued along the path still in my head and along comes the cardinal from the branch. He swooped in front of me so close that I could feel the flutter of his wings across my forehead.

Another sign, as when my dad was ill he would try to get out of bed, I would sit him up and hold him in place by putting our foreheads together and laugh as though we were two bull elephants fighting one another.

Then I lost it. Finally I was able to grieve my daddy who taught me that a woman can do anything that she set her mind to…change a tire, become a nurse, know the what an allen wrench is and how to use it, pull a boat behind a truck, back it up in the water and take off down the river as the captain of the vessel.  I can fish for my own food, cook gourmet meals and never ever feel that anything is too hard for me to do or accomplish.

This sense of self came from my dad. I love that man so much.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that my dad was with me just one day after his soul was released. I have no doubt that he’s “still right here!”

Thank you for reading and allowing me to share with you the love of my Daddy.

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