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Have you ever noticed certain patterns in your life. Mine happens to be my calendar. I know… how could a calendar offer insight, right?

Here’s an example: There was a week when I had 3 men all scheduled on the same day… and they were all in person sessions.

That may not sound unusual, but men are roughly only 5% of my clientele and I have more online clients than in person.

So for 3 men to turn up on the same day, in person, was quite interesting. To top the day off, I connected each of them with their Mother in Spirit. That was their need.

Another week I had 4 clients under the age of 20 who had each lost their father in separate tragic accidents.

You see… you just can’t make this up. In the mediumship circle we talk of this quite often. It’s as though trends are set in motion by the Spirit world.

So as I have watched my “calendar trends” I have noticed that for the month of May, the theme has been something like… “Where do I go from here?”, “Can you help me to find/see/feel my path ahead?” or “I just know that I’m now ready for more!”

Wow! That’s profound right there, especially since it’s not January 🙂

I say that because these sessions have not been the shallow goal setting “maybe I will finally do something to change my thoughts”, or “I know that I’m ready but I will let the universe dictate to me what that readiness really is” kind of sessions.

They have been heartfelt and heart-full, in the here, in the now, ready, set, go, kind of work.

These conversations have been even more profound because the trend that I’ve also seen is that these sessions are either with clients who have seen me prior or clients that are referrals from those previous clients. In other words…

WE, as a collective, want more!

More direction, more focus, more love, more life, more living, more moving… ready to take life by the horns… EVEN THOUGH you have been through momentous personal loss or have witnessed someone that you love find strength through their loss by connecting in with the spirit world.

I know that many of you are ready for more…

Here are some thoughts that I hope can stimulate you to make some changes in your life to find that more.

Firstly I would like for you to consider that when you lose someone that you love through death, they do not sit upon a cloud judging you, your coping skills, your life without them.

They aren’t hanging out just waiting for you to arrive. And they are most certainly not hoping that you will love only them throughout your lifetime.

They have work to do. They can connect in with you, love you from “afar”, yet work on themselves, have a bit of fun as well, and all the while, want you to find happiness while you are here in this lifetime.

For what it’s worth, I KNOW this to be TRUE. As in True, true..

Secondly, this is the only lifetime that you will fully have memories of.

Meaning, if you believe in past lives, you may have some remembrance of a life lived prior, but how many can honestly say that they remember the details of this prior life?

If you don’t necessarily believe in a past life, then great, you made it even easier to prove my point.. this is the Life that you have, in the here-and-now… so do your best to live it to its fullest.

You may be asking “Nicole, how do I live it to its fullest when I’m not sure how to go on, move forward, see the path ahead?”

I get it my friend. I truly do.

This is where the work gets a bit harder. I say work because it is work. My thoughts are that it’s about knowing yourself. Not yourself attached to everyday tasks, people, places and things.

Know thyself through your soul.

How many of you have conversations with yourself, in your mind throughout the day? I do! … All day long… in the car, while I’m cooking dinner, while I’m lying next to my daughter as she falls asleep.

Now, what if you turned those thoughts inward. Taking a deep breath and dropping from your mind down into your heart space…breathing in Spirit, the Universal source, the smell of flowers, the smell of your cooking… bring it in and let it flow.

It takes work to practice mindfulness with others, but even more concerted effort to practice mindfulness with self.

A medium can help you to clear out some thoughts, patterns, guide you on your path, but it’s still up to you to do the work. So breathe it in my friend. Breathe in the very essence of what your SOUL is telling you.

Lastly, but certainly never the last thing to say on this subject, is…


Honor your feelings and emotions. If you want to find new love, open your heart. If you want to live vicariously through your child and paraglide over the ocean, DO IT! If you want to be happy, think good thoughts, paste a smile on your face, letting the sunbeams of your essence shine brightly for all to see.

Honor yourself, by doing the work.


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