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Think about your personal beliefs that you hold super tight to your chest.  It is possible that the one who sits closest to you does not share some of those beliefs?


Contemplate your childhood. You grew up with others in the same household, yet if asked a question about how you each viewed your time together, I bet you’d each have different answers.


Our perceptions, our beliefs, our values, our desires… they are personal.  


Our hopes, our dreams, our realities, we may share them with others, yet they are still our own.


We may be so very similar to the one we call best friends, yet our very own discernment, appreciation, realization, awareness, subconscious beliefs, knowledge, understanding, apprehension, sense, feeling, notion, thought, ideas, judgement… of others is real.  And this too belongs to each of us as individuals. 


Consider sitting alone with yourself contemplating these thoughts and your beliefs.


Discern for yourself your readiness to hear the voice of others…


Less defensive…less offensive. 

Less offensive…less defensive 


Consider now uniting with me by opening your heart to what you feel is truly just and right… mystical and otherworldly… acting from and with, a moral consciousness, virtuous heart & compassionate voice. 


We are all in this together… black, white, mask wearer or not… conspiracy theorist…science based. Pro vax anti vax. 


One thing holds true, you cannot expect from another what you, yourself are not willing to give. 


We are all in this together!  

Love you so much, 


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