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“We will be known forever by the tracks we leave” ~ Dakota Indian Proverb

Even the Mothers, who allow me to connect with them as their conduit, often come in strongly with feelings of regret.

Regret for not being more for their child.

Regret for saying no and being overprotective.

Regret for not being a good role model.

Regret for playing it safe.

Regret for not seeing the beauty within themselves.

Regret for not saying “I love you” more often.

Regret for putting a man before their child.

Regret for putting their addiction before their child.

Regret for driving away and never coming back.

Regret for taking their own life.

Regret for not taking the chemo.

Regret for not taking better care of themselves.

Regret for making wrong choices.

Regret for making what they thought were right choices.

Regret for feeling like they put themselves first when choosing a career over motherhood.

Here’s where the magic comes in.

When that child, who is now an adult, sits in front of me confirming, “Yes, my other would say that!”

Followed by a comment such as:

“I’m so sad that she feels this way!

“I didn’t see her the way she saw herself!”

“I still love her!”

“She taught me many lessons, most importantly how not to be!”

“She lived the best way she knew how!”

“She didn’t make wrong choices, I just wouldn’t listen!”

“She didn’t need to always say “I love you!” I knew that she did without words.”

“We will be forever known by the tracks we leave.”

Those who love us do not see tracks of dust, instead they see tracks of wildflowers.

It’s all in perspective.


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