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Can we talk about your dreams for a few minutes?

I have a feeling that many of you are like me feeling completely exhausted by the fear and hate in this country.

The misalignment with your values, the negativity with one another, the outward reach and outward look that we are all experiencing in one way or another is here for a while.

The energy that we are expending towards those emotions and thoughts alone are exhausting.

So let’s stop for a sec today and focus on YOU.

Just you.

What do you want to happen today?

What do you want to happen this week?

What do you want to happen this month?

What do you want to happen this year?

Nope, I didn’t ask what you want for others, the world, the universe, humanity.

What do you want for you? Just you?

Not your spouse, your kids, your family, your friends, your political party.

What do you want for YOU? Only you!

Give that some thought and while you’re at it, grab a pencil and paper and write those thoughts down.

The first step is reading this message, the second is allowing this message to prompt you into action, the third is writing down your thoughts, the fourth is getting off your ass and bringing these dreams into reality for yourself.

All it takes is one step followed by two and you’re moving forward.

Loving you!


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