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“Whatever you are ready for…is ready for you”

This quote stares at me as it sits on my bookshelf in my office. It has been there for years, as every now and then I glance at it, expecting a jolt of inspiration, but nothing.

I woke up at 3:30am this morning. So many thoughts were inside of my head as I anticipated my weekly call with my assistant Sarah.

Sarah lives in the UK, 6 hours ahead of me. Wide awake, I brew tea and instead of an 8am conference call, I am on the line with her at 5am. Fast forward and it’s now 5pm as I write, sitting quietly in my office as I glance around for inspiration for this Sunday Musing.

The shock comes quickly as I feel it in my heart.

There it is, bold, confident, staring me down…whatever you are ready for, is ready for you… as these words clearly speak to me… “Ahh, finally you feel me!”

Just this morning I announced to Sarah that “Yes! I am ready for what’s ahead!” I’ve said this many times to my patient assistant, never really feeling it, yet wanting it so badly to do so.

Today was different.

“Whatever you are ready for… is ready for you!”

These words were FELT in the deepest core of my being, so profoundly, that we made a plan to move forward as that too resonates, not only in my body, but in my heart where my intuition lay.

This YES is the yes that I have been seeking yet it has eluded me. Always within reach… just like the quote that sits pretty in the frame, an affirmation that once drew me in but sat as a reminder of what I was NOT manifesting as my blurred gaze traveled over it, day after day.

I’ve been ready so many times… so I said.

I wasn’t.

I wanted to be ready, but it just wasn’t in me.

I didn’t feel it.

Why is this time so different?

Feeling, projecting my life like a movie before my eyes, envisioning my life futuristically, breathing in the joy and happiness that I feel as I am already living my dream. Bringing this dream into my reality now, doing the work, making the plans as though it is already happening.

Because, quite simply…

It is!

And now, there’s no stopping my momentum.

Grab your dreams and make a move.

Whatever you are ready for, is ready for you!

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