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I know that it’s hard right now. I know that you may be feeling isolated, lonely, maybe even misunderstood. I know.. I do.

In our world at present, we are constantly reminded of what we don’t want in our lives; covid, injustice, racism, fear, isolation, depression, death… on and on and on and on….

We are inundated with scenarios and commentaries provoking us towards fear, instability and hatred… hatred of covid, of mask wearers, of non-mask wearers, of republicans, of democrats, of the president, of cute puppies because their cuteness is just too much to handle right now…. yep… someone said that to me!

So naturally we’re having tendencies to focus on the negative things in our lives.

AKA: Worrying

What does worrying have in common with prayer? I surprised you on that one, huh?

Well, my thought is, that If we’re constantly in a state of unease we are sending off energetic signals that all is not so well in our environment, our atmosphere, most importantly, in our own energy field.

The universe’s way of responding to all things is to give you more of what you are sending out, more of what you are subconsciously asking for.

The more emotional energy that we give out, the more emotional energy we receive in.

Like attracts like.

Consequently, It’s the same with love! The more love you give, the more love you will receive. The more positive energy you exude the more positive you will feel.

The more worry, fear, angst you put out… you get the idea.

My thought of how you can shift your thought process is this:

Pray for the opposite of how you feel.

Don’t pray for covid to end, something else will take its place.

Consider praying for the healing of each human being that has been affected by covid in any way by sending out healing white light to them… soon you’ll realize that you’re sending it out to Mother Earth since most every human has been affected on some level.

Take another step, literally, and put your feet on the ground, minus the rubber of your shoes and ground your energy while sending white light, absorbing the light within yourself as well.

Don’t pray for riots to end.

People will find another way to protest, look at our history as an example… the Boston Tea Party… colonists had no representation, they stated their opposition, it didn’t work, so they took the next step. There will always be a next step.

Pray instead for minds to open, hearts to soften, humanity to see differences as strengths not weaknesses.

Pay attention to what you’re thinking about and what you’re praying for.

Worrying is like praying for things you don’t want… it gives you something to do, but leads you nowhere.

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